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Staying Away From The “Deal”?

Human nature behaviors often play a major role in weight control.  One of these behavioral patterns is giving in to “deals” when it comes to the ingestion of the foods and drinks that derail our weight control efforts.  Here are some examples:

  • IHOP offers the “All You Can Eat Pancakes Day”: Despite venturing into IHOP intending to order an omelette, instead, the pancakes are chosen because of the “deal”.
  • An “All Inclusive” vacation spot offers alcohol beverages in the package.  Because the “deal” includes “free” alcohol, people feel compelled to drink lots.
  • A coupon arrives in the mailer at home offering a “Buy One-Get One For Free” deal at McDonalds or Burger King.   Rather than indulging on one Quarter Pounder with cheese (I know, you take the bun off) we order two.
  • The destination for dinner out is The Olive Garden.  Great…All You Can Eat” salad….but, also “All You Can Eat” breadsticks.  Chances are good that the “deal” of free breadsticks will result in consumption of this carb.

There are many more examples when “deals” get the best of us and our dietary plans go out the window.  During your long-term weight control journey take a step back and see how “deals” may impact your efforts and take the steps necessary to stay away from the “Art of The Deal”.  Consuming those fat/carb/alcohol sources may instead, result in the “(F)art of the Deal”.  (Wow…after years of writing these entries I have now lowered myself to trying to make you laugh with fart jokes…forgive me?) 

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