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Staying Motivated

Human nature often dictates that we all take actions based on being “motivated” to take those actions.   Focusing on the “non-food” aspects of our lives we are all, to some/large extent, motivated to take actions such as:

  • Go to work daily with the motivation being to generate the income needed to support our families
  • Take vacations at various times with the motivation being to take rest and relaxation breaks from our grueling schedules
  • Arrange our commutes as best as possible with the motivation being not to get stuck in traffic

Now, turning to the food/beverage side of things, we are motivated to:

  • Eat the foods that we really like with the motivation being that eating those foods makes us feel good
  • Consume alcohol nightly with the motivation being that the wine, beer or cocktail produces relaxation and a deeper sleep
  • Make cookies or cakes with our children/grandchildren with the motivation being that we love seeing the look of happiness on their faces

Lastly, let’s explore the motivations for losing weight:

  • Being healthier
  • Looking younger
  • Lessening/obviating the need for medications
  • Reducing pain
  • Heightening energy
  • Fitting into the stylish clothes that no longer fit
  • Looking great for an upcoming event such as a reunion or wedding

Many of the non-food motivations have no “finish line”.  These motivations remain constant and unending.  However, in the weight control arena, an upcoming event, summer swimsuit season and other “motivations” may disappear once that “finish line” is perceived.  Long-term weight control requires people to stay motivated.  Staying motivated may equate to “Staying Alive”.   

And for those out there that read/hear the term “Staying Alive” and think of John Travolta, Saturday Night Fever and the Bee Gees, here ya go!

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