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Stepping/Thinking Outside The Box

The expression “Outside The Box” is usually preceded by either “Stepping” or “Thinking”.  “The Box” refers to a usual, customary or standard way of doing or thinking about something.  Human nature is such that we all develop a certain comfort level in doing things in a certain way over and over.  This could apply to professional/business behaviors or more personal behaviors.  Sometimes the “Box” is imposed by others, such as bosses telling us to perform a certain task in a specific way and at other times on the personal side, we impose our own “boxes”.  An example of this would what we do after work and on the weekends.  Do we sit at home every night binge watching Netflix shows or do we “step outside the box” and go to a show at the Kennedy Center?

Successful long-term weight control will require all of us to STEP and THINK “outside the box”.  If business meetings are accompanied by the sandwich/chip or pizza lunches, how do we think and step outside the box to ensure an SP compatible meal?  If the kids have soccer practice right after we get home from work, what can we do other than driving through a fast food joint?

Take a step back and see what “boxes” you are in that may be impeding your successful weight loss journey.  Once identified, step and think outside those “boxes” to strategize a successful path going forward.  

And, I am NOT asking you to think “Outside the Bun” and go to Taco Bell….nothing SP compatible there!

One last point…sometimes stepping outside the box means doing things that are not in your comfort zone.  Here is an example:  At our staff Holiday Party…At our staff Holiday Party…check out the the SP Team singing in Karaoke…. they better keep their day job, right???  

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