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Sticky Note Reminders?

Does anyone out there watch the popular television show, “The Goldbergs”?  The comedy follows a family from the Philadelphia area in the 1980s and is narrated by the comedian Patton Oswalt.  The show usually begins with Oswalt, making a statement that begins with:  “Back in the 80’s, before we had Facebook, Instagram and Twitter…”

Well, here goes my monologue:  “Back in the 70’s, before we had smart phones with alerts, alarms and electronic notes, we had something called Sticky Notes.”  Yes, “sticky notes” were introduced in 1977 by the 3M corporation.  What a great invention!  You could jot down a reminder note, a phone number or some other information of importance.  Then these notes could be “stuck” in various prominent locations ensuring that the information would not be lost or ignored.

So, here is a “turn back the clock” suggestion:  Find your inner-70’s self , break out those old fashioned “sticky notes” and jot down the major reasons why you need/want to lose weight.  Then, stick those notes in areas where they can serve as a constant reminder to yourself:  The refrigerator, pantry, clothes closet, wine closet and other areas that play a role in your weight control motivational mechanisms.  As an example, if you are about to head into the pantry for those M&Ms (that you shouldn’t have bought in the first place) perhaps the sticky note on the pantry door will provide you the reasons why you need to not follow through on the behavior about to take place.

Yes, we all now have much more modern ways of reminding ourselves of various important things to do (or not do) but actually seeing these in print staring us in the face is probably more effective than having those reminders stored in a smart phone.

And for those of you that have never seen “The Goldbergs” and love nostalgia type shows reminding us of the 70’s and 80’s, check it out….really funny and kind of heart warming as well.

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