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Subtle Changes Add Up

A desire and effort to lose weight are usually prompted by major changes an overweight/obese person wants to accomplish.  Examples of this these changes may include:

  • Coming off of medications to treat diabetes, hypertension, arthritis pains and other medical co-morbidities of poor weight control
  • Getting clothes sizes down
  • Having lots more energy
  • Looking younger
  • Having higher levels of confidence and self-esteem
  • Having less back, knee and other joint pains
  • Strengthening the immune system

Along the journey to get to these desired goals, we should never forget that the incremental changes in weight may not result immediately in the end results desired.  The day after we begin our weight control journey, no medications can be stopped, we will not be in any smaller size clothing, our energy levels will not be heightened, joint pains will continue and we will not look any younger.

However, over time, the cumulative impacts of weight control will, in fact, get us to the desired goals.  This is a difficult situation because on the immediate basis, we are giving up to a large extent, many of the foods/drinks we enjoy.  We are delaying our gratification as opposed to giving in to our human nature driven goal of immediate gratification.

The point:  Despite not seeing immediate changes when you begin your weight control efforts, rest assured that the subtle changes that will occur on Day 1 (such as blood sugar changing immediately) will add up, over time, to reaching many, if not all, of the end results you desired when you started your efforts.  

Enjoy David Bowie’s classic “Changes”

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