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Taco Tuesday/Thursday

Before I dive into the relative health merits of eating tacos, as I am writing this entry on a Tuesday, I thought I would provide a brief history of the “Taco Tuesday” battles:

1971: The earliest documented use of “Taco Tuesday” is in the April 5 issue of Spokane Chronicle, according to Los Angeles Times.

1978: Greg Gregory started Taco Tuesdays at his family business Gregory’s Restaurant and Bar in Somers Point, New Jersey, because that’s the only day his family let him put tacos on the menu.

1982: Following the advice of his college professor, Gregory trademarks “Taco Tuesday.”

Early 1980s: David Olsen, the owner of a Taco John’s in Minnesota, coins the term “Taco Twosday” when he started selling 99 cents tacos in pairs, as per Taco John’s lore.

1984: Steve Levinson, owner of Tortilla Flats in Laguna Beach, applies for a state trademark for “Taco Tuesday” in California in 1984. (It has since lapsed.)

1989: Taco John’s successfully applies to trademark Taco Tuesday.

1997: Tortilla Flats in Laguna Beach files a lawsuit in federal court against the El Torito chain and seven other Orange County restaurants for trademark infringement.

1997: In Canada, MTY Food Group’s TacoTime Canada gets the trademark for term.

2011: Salsa’s Fresh Mex Grill owns the trademark to the term in Australia.

2014: After receiving a cease-and-desist letter from Taco John’s, Old Fashioned Tavern and Restaurant in Madison, Wisconson, held a competition to choose a new name for their Tuesday taco special, where the submissions included jabs like “Corporate-free Taco Night” and “Drive Taco John’s Out Of Business Tuesday.

Most recently, Taco John’s sued the huge chain, Taco Bell claiming trademark infringement and they lost the case.  So, pretty much every restaurant can now offer “Taco Tuesday”.

Now, to the crux of this entry: Should you incorporate tacos as part of a weight control strategy?  Well, using the soft taco shell, fish, chicken or meat, and maximizing the lettuce, tomatoes and taco sauce while minimizing the cheese, sour cream and guacamole all add up to an acceptable meal.  Especially if lots of chicken or meat are added.  Now, it is important to stay away from the alcohol beverages such as the margueritas, Coronas and other alcohol drinks that are usually consumed at Mexican themed restaurants.

So, feel free to have your at home “Taco Tuesday” nights, but watch those other ingredients making their way into the tacos.

And do NOT expect me to advise “Whiskey Wednesday”.

And here is a hit from the great singer from Mexico, Selena

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