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Taking Things For Granted

We, as human beings, are very much subject to human nature behaviors.  One of these aspects of human nature is our tendency to “take things for granted”.  Here are several examples:

  • We will often take our families “for granted”: For those of you that have had periods of time when you would fight with a family member(s) and stop speaking, when those people pass away, we very much regret the time lost in allowing these fights to happen
  • We may take our jobs/professions “for granted”:   When we experience the routine, mundane aspects of going to work, performing the work, traveling home etc, we do not appreciate the good parts of the job, the relationships we establish at work, the professional satisfaction etc…until it is gone.
  • We may take our pets “for granted”:  We will yell at them if they poop in the house, wake us up early, be constantly around us wanting to be petted…but when they pass, we would do anything to bring them back.

And perhaps the most important “for granted” category: HEALTH.  It is so easy to fall into the state of taking good health for granted.  When you think about it, this category is more important than all of the others because without good health, we will often lose many of the important people and things that make our lives full and rich.

If you are in good health, take all of the necessary steps needed to maintain this.  If you are not, take every step possible to regain good health.  Never take good health “for granted”. If we let our guards fall, bad things will happen and we will then vow never again to take all of the wonderful people and things in our lives for granted.

Here is verse to Joni Mitchell’s song, “Yellow Taxi”:  

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

Let’s all “know what you’ve got”…and not take what we “got” for granted.

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