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Taking Your Time At A Restaurant

I spoke with a patient yesterday and she provided me with a very helpful tactic she utilizes when dining out.  Historically, she feels that waiters have sort of rushed her into making decisions on her lunch or dinner choices.   This has caused her to make selections that may have not been the “healthiest” of choices.  The patient told me she is very quick to tell the waiter that she needs some time before ordering.

Restaurants clearly have a financial incentive to turn over their tables to new customers as soon as possible.  When you think about it, there are only a certain number of tables at a restaurant and each table produces “X” amount of profit per new seating.  The more couples/groups seated during an evening, the more $$$ is made.  Hence, the incentive to get people in and then out so the next group can get in.

Previously, we have discussed one way of ensuring smart choices are made at a restaurant and that is looking at their menu online hours before heading out to eat.  This familiarity with options available may result in wiser choices compatible with your weight control efforts.  However, if time did not allow you to thoroughly check out the menu before you go, please take your time to peruse the menu once you are there.  Do not allow the staff to rush you into decision making.

And oh, by the way, tell them not to bring bread to the table and most certainly do not be tempted by that dessert tray!

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