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Teleconference – Unbiased Covid-19 virus update. Let’s Get Together with Dr. Bob Posner.

These are unprecedented times.  I have lived for 63 years, 39 of those as a doctor, and I do not remember there ever being an infectious pandemic that has impacted our country so negatively.  Everyone’s lives have been changed.

During those 39 years as a doctor, I have witnessed this fact: People tend to have much more fear of the “unknown” than they do once they find out the answer as to what the problem is and what can (or cannot) be done about it.   Unfortunately, over my four decades of practicing primary care medicine, I have had to deliver really bad medical news to patients, such as cancer or serious organ disease diagnoses.  The majority of the time, I have seen patients more fearful during the diagnostic stages than when I finally provide them the diagnosis, the treatment options and what can be expected.

In the case of Covid-19, there is much fear because we do not have many answers as yet:  When will a vaccine become available? How far are we away from a treatment?  When will our kids get back to school?  Will the supermarkets run out of food?  When will sporting events and conferences resume?   When can we expect life to get back to “normal”?

Having answers to the above questions, no matter what those answers are, would provide a more stabile/less anxiety filled environment.  When we watch the news, no matter what side of the political fence you are on, we all have to admit that we may be getting somewhat “biased” perspectives from the “experts” that are the usual “talking heads” of these networks.  

I want to invite all of you to something we have never done before:  An evening discussion, via Zoom conferencing, focusing on the Covid-19 virus.  Although I am not an infectious disease specialist, I would like to share my “doctor” insights into the true facts, as we know it, concerning the virus as well as addressing specific questions that people may have that are not addressed by what they are reading/hearing on the internet, TV and/or social media.

This will NOT be a political discussion.  Whether one person shows up or 100, my purpose in hosting this “Get Together” is to provide, to the best of my ability, an unbiased update on the medical aspects of the virus.  I am hoping that the more information I can provide, the less anxiety people will feel.  I get back to my original statement:  People fear more the unknown than they do the “known”.  

On Wednesday, March 18, at 8 PM Eastern, please join my team and I for a 30 minutes discussion that you can attend in the privacy of your home.  If you do not have Zoom conferencing, this is a simple download.

The link to join our conference:

I look forward to seeing you.

Bob Posner

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