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That Thing You Do

Tom Hanks has made lots of great movies. My personal favorite is one that Mr. Hanks also wrote and directed titled “That Thing You Do!”. This incredibly cute movie was about a small rock band in Erie, PA that in the 1960’s came out with one song that rose very quickly in the charts to become a major hit. The song was called “That Thing You Do!”. The group rose in popularity only to flame out (due to the narcissistic personality of the writer/lead singer) after their one and only hit.

The title of the movie as well as the group’s “one hit wonder” song gave me pause to think of the concept of that “Thing” we all, individually “do”. There are many aspects of our lives that define “who” we are:

A parent to our children
A brother or sister to our siblings
A child to our parents
A contributing person to the company/entity we work for
A contributing person to society
A friend to people in the world we choose to be friends with
An “influencer” to others

There are many other bullets points that can be added to this list. The point: There are many, many things we “do” that impact others, impact our professions and in many ways, impact the world around us.

Developing serious medical conditions will negatively impact those “things we do” because the focus of our lives will then become all about trying to get back to good health. One of the very most important steps in achieving and then maintaining good health is staying focused on your weight control efforts. By avoiding the co-morbidities of poor weight control, we all will be much better positioned to keep “Doing That Thing You Do”.

Enjoy the trailer from one of my favorite movies:

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