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That’s Amore

Amore” is the Italian word for “love”.   Nataliya and I were very fortunate to have visited Italy several years before the pandemic.  I was invited to give a talk at an International Nutraceutical Conference held just outside of Rome.  We had lots of “amore” for the people we met and the places we went to.  We visited many of the historical sites in and around Rome, walked the piazzas, threw coins into the fountains and we will always have great memories of this visit.

“Amore”…all/most of use the word “love” to describe our feelings for feelings for special people as well as “things”.  Probably the most common usage of “love” is directed to:

  • Love of our spouse
  • Love of our children
  • Love of our family
  • Love of our special friends

Aside from people, “love” is often used to describe:

  • Love for our favorite hobbies
  • Love for our favorite sports teams
  • Love of certain movies or shows

In the weight control arena, I have rarely heard a patient use the word “love” directed to our dietary plan or getting up early to exercise.   On the contrary, I have often heard the word “love” used to describe feelings for:

  • Wine/cocktails
  • Ice cream
  • Sugary snacks

Please take a step back to analyze your “loves” and compare the relative importance in your life.  Clearly, the “love” for your family members is LOTS more important than your “love” for inanimate food/drink sources.  

Remember at all times that focus on your weight control efforts will allow you to have more healthy time on this earth to enjoy the “love” of the truly important people and things in your life.  What do you “love” more?

And of course, what would this entry be without a Dean Martin classic, “That’s Amore”?

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