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That’s Amore

For those of you out there under the age of 50, when you hear the name “Dean Martin” you probably think:  “Hmmm…I think that was the Dean of Admissions at my college”.  And for those of you over 50, what comes into your mind immediately is that suave, crooner wearing the black tuxedo, drink in hand, hanging with the other Rat Pack members, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop.  Dean Martin sang many songs but the one he was most famous for is “That’s Amore”.

“Amore”…The Italian word that means “Love”…something we all have felt and still feel, something that we profess to the most precious ones in our lives and something that we all strive to give and feel.  

Concerning animate objects such as people and pets, the thing about love is that almost 100% of the time, the love is conveyed back to us.  Our spouses, children, grandchildren, siblings and our dogs and/or cats will express their love back in return.  Even though our pets cannot talk (except for those that have talking birds) their cuddling, licking and excitement when they see us is their way of showing love for us in return for us showering our love on them.

I have had many patients profess “love” for certain foods and/or drinks.  “I love my wine at night”.  “ I love Ben and Jerry’s ice cream”.  I love that special Starbucks latte”.   There are many more inanimate food/drink sources that we all ascribe the word “love” to. ( In my case, I love those soft Philadelphia style pretzels and I love real pizza from New York.)

Here’s the thing about those high caloric/high carb containing food/drink sources:  Unlike our family members, friends and pets, these food/drink items do not love us back.  In the aggregate, these derailing ingestibles harm us.   The weight control issues we experience because of these food/drink items lead us to physical and potentially emotional harm.  If they loved us back, why would they enhance our chances of developing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic pain and early death?

So, take a step back and try to end your love affair with the foods and drinks that do not love you back.  I am not asking you to love protein and vegetables but rather, view the foods/drinks that helped get you to this weight situation as sort of enemies and the foods that help you shed weight as tools to elevate your health and happiness.

And those out there that can name at least 3 members of the Rat Pack before I listed them above, enjoy Dean Martin (and a very young Jerry Lewis).

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