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That’s The Way (I Like It)

Anyone out there see the movie “When Harry Met Sally”?  This was a very funny Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan flick and it chronicled the relationship the characters had with each other over decades.  At one point, Crystal’s character was detailing the reasons why he fell in love with Ryan’s character.  One of her quirks was being very high maintenance at restaurants.

Personally, I am a very low maintenance person at restaurants.  Aside from requesting no onions, I pretty much accept the menu as written.  However, not mentioning names to avoid embarrassment (sorry Nataliya…oops) there are many people that will have the waiter writing a novel down as the order is recorded:  “Sauce on the side, leave this off, substitute this side for that, cook it a certain way, etc etc etc.”.

However, during a long-term weight control journey, we all should be “high maintenance” at restaurants, ensuring that the meals we order are compatible with our weight loss goals.  Do not be afraid to substitute a side salad for the fries, keeping thick sauces off the food, asking for reduced oil use while cooking and in other ways, craft the meal in a manner consistent with the high protein/low carb approach.  Order the food in the way you feel best compatible with your pursuit of enhanced health.  Being healthy equates to having life the way we like it.

And yes, this entry was inspired by the (very old) “K.C. and The Sunshine Band” song.  My son and I are doing a father/son outing next weekend and he suggested we go see this 1970’s disco group in concert in Portsmouth VA.  Yes…I WILL be putting on my “Boogies Shoes”.

I was debating about posting a scene from “When Harry Met Sally”, but opted for K.C. and The Sunshine Band…I hope YOU “Like It”.

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