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The Beat (Must) Goes On

During a long term journey to improved health, certainly including weight control efforts, there will be many challenges/obstacles along the way that will produce “set-backs”.   These negative-impactful events may include:

  • Work-related factors that include business travel exhaustive work hours to hit deadline requirements, etc.
  • Family issues that require focus on the loved ones around us that need our help/attention
  • Medical issues that occur that may block the ability to exercise/be active

During these challenging periods when our health/wellness quests are not going well, it is very tempting to go into the “I Give Up” mentality.  When this occurs, most/all efforts to reach a healthier status are abandoned.  The ramifications of this?  Increase risk of something adverse occurring medically to the person “giving up”.

The first step in NOT allowing this to happen is to recognize this pattern of behavior and purposefully not allowing this mind-set to occur.  The second step is to accept that during a long-term health quest, there will be set-backs along the way.  Similar to the prize fighter that picks himself up after being knocked down that round, gets up and starts fighting again, we all must do the same:  NOT “Give Up”.

The idiom “The Beat Goes On” has relevance to our continuing efforts for improving our health and happiness.   Sonny Bono wrote the song in 1966 and Sonny and Cher recorded it in 1967.  Enjoy!

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