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The Best Is (Or Can Be) Yet To Come

Continuing with the theme of some of my favorite songs and referencing weight control, here is another one…an old Frank Sinatra song:  “The Best Is Yet To Come”.  This song was written in 1959 by Cy Coleman and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh and was originally written and recorded by Tony Bennett.  “Old Blue Eyes” recorded the song in 1964 and this was actually the very last song he sang in public in 1995.  The words “The Best Is Yet To Come” are actually etched on Sinatra’s tombstone.

Bringing this concept to the weight control arena:  As we all traverse life there are many great times that occur: Meeting and dating our future spouses through the times leading to the wedding to the birth of children and then grandchildren to family gatherings to vacations with our loved ones, etc etc.  These produce wonderful memories that make all of the challenges, pain and sacrifice of life well worth those efforts.

No matter what our age may be, there are still potentially great events and future memories to make ahead of us.  However, this requires us to be at the health levels required to be able to participate fully.  Unfortunately, a significant health problem could negatively impact our ability to make these great future memories.

Personally, I know that at age 67, the concept of “The Best Is Yet To Come” is somewhat difficult to buy into as the majority of my life is now behind me as opposed to in front.  However, I do know that there are still plenty of great times that can be had in the future as long as I can stay healthy enough to be a part of those times.  This motivates me to try to avoid the “usual” health events that can truly end the quest of “The Best Is Yet Come”.

Stay focused on your weight control efforts and the chances greatly increase that YOUR “Best Is Yet To Come”.

Enjoy Frank Sinatra’s “The Best Is Yet To Come”.

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