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“The Ecstasy Of Victory And The Agony Of Defeat” Effect

I am writing this entry the morning after the Super Bowl game resulting in an overtime win for the “first in 20 years to repeat” Kansas City Chiefs.  Congratulations to the Chiefs and all of you Chief’s fans out there.  Watching the exhilaration of the players, coaches and Chief’s fans at the stadium celebrating the thrilling come-from behind win brings to mind the old Wide World Of Sports” opening of “The ECSTASY Of Victory”.

Now, to the other side:  The San Francisco 49ers:  Watching their players, coaches and fans in the stands crying, sitting solemnly and peering at the celebrating “Winners” brings to mind the concept of the  “AGONY Of Defeat”.  Now, as a Giants’ fan and for all of you non-competing teams’ fans out there, we all look at the Niners as anything other but losers:  They had a GREAT season, have GREAT players and almost won the game.  NOTHING to be ashamed of!

So, as this is not a sports commentary blog, but rather, writings about weight control and other health issues, why did I spend two paragraphs discussing the “Ecstasy Of Victory and Agony of Defeat” concept?  Here goes.

During your LONG TERM weight control journey it is important to NOT allow yourself to get too emotional, either way, on a weekly basis.  I have seen many patients literally jump up and down for joy, exhilarated when the weight comes down significantly that week BUT, the same people will literally cry and become depressed if the weight goes up in a week.  These emotional rollercoasters may negatively impact the long-term results.  The reason:  When we get too “Ecstatic” about aggressive weight loss in a certain week, this may provide some motivation to “celebrate” this by rewarding ourselves with the same foods/drinks that got us into the weight situation to begin with.   Conversely, if we get too down on ourselves for “losing” the scale battle that week, we may lose motivation to continue the battle.

So, the message today: Try to even out your emotions when weighing yourself weekly and keep the same, dogged determination to reach that healthy and happy weight number you aspire to.

This was a GREAT Super Bowl for sure.  And I believe consensus is that Usher did a GREAT job at half time.

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