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The End Of Summer…And The Beginning Of?

I am writing this on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend.  Although the temperatures will remain in the 80s for awhile for many of us, Labor Day weekend signifies the end of the summer.  As children, we both were excited and frightened about school beginning again.  As adults, although we are used to working the entire year, the summer still meant late sunsets, early morning sunshine, not throwing on heavy clothes to go outside and vacation times at the beach, lake or mountains.

This summer has been the most “unsummer” that almost all of us have experienced.  The pandemic with the accompanying lock downs, mask usage, fear of being around people at beaches, social unrest…this summer has been unlike no other.  

I am certain that many of you feel like I do: 2020 has been an awful year on many fronts.  So, how can take this absolute lemon of the year and turn this into lemonade?  Perhaps an answer is to celebrate the end of this abysmal summer by committing to a new beginning to meet the new year of 2021.   There are so many things we cannot control about this horrific year, such as the roller coaster ride of the stock market, the necessity of wearing masks, the closures of our favorite entertainment venues, etc etc.

However, there still remains one thing under our control and that is our weight.  Yes, the stress of 2020 has been unprecedented and this clearly creates a significant challenge to weight control.  But, by following the SP dietary plan, planning your shopping meals, creating exercise time….these contributing factors and more can bring you weight control success.

So, for the last 4 months of this horrendous year:  Let’s all commit to positioning ourselves for an incredibly healthy and happy 2021.   Start now by beginning a concerted effort to shed that weight.

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