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The Good ‘Ol Shopping List

I went to the local supermarket yesterday to pick up some things and because I am sort of clueless about what is needed for the house, I came armed with a shopping list Nataliya created.  As I was going through the aisles, I did come off that list to place some things in the shopping basket that were not really essential (unless Captain Crunch cereal is considered an “essential”).

I also observed during my shopping jaunt that no one else in the supermarket was working off a shopping list.   I must have passed over 30 different people cruising the aisles and 0 out of 30 had a list they were looking at.   I did not specifically spy on the items in their carts but very much mirroring the general population, about 70% of the people were overweight/obese.

The marketing experts hired by these large chain supermarkets know very well how to influence our buying. This especially holds true around times like this (Halloween through Nee Years) and we are mesmerized by the colorful, energetic displays urging us to buy the extra large candy packages and sundry other sugar/carb treats that are part and parcel of this time period.

One of the behavioral changes I strongly urge people to adopt is to never go into a supermarket without a defined shopping list AND adhere to that list with no exceptions.  If we eliminate spontaneous purchasing, this will greatly help our weight control goals.  

Please take the time to generate a shopping list that contains the dietary “friendly”, compatible foods and drinks that will help you to shed the weight.  This should take no more than 5 minutes of your time.  By doing so, you will greatly enhance your chances of long-term weight control success.

And that list should always contain the “Nice” foods, not the “Naughty” ones.  Although early, here is a holiday of the most popular versions of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”…who would guess that Springsteen holds the number one spot? 

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