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The Impact Of Anger

Here is a definition of “ANGER”: a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility

Is there anyone out there that has never experienced the sensation of anger?  I do not see any hands raised.  ANGER can be precipitated by many occurrences, situations and/or people.  Some examples of situations outside of our control that can invoke an anger response include:

  • World events such as wars/aggressive actions by other countries
  • Stock market/business downturns that make our retirement savings diminish
  • Our favorite sports teams playing poorly and losing their games

Often, our anger is provoked by other people.  Some examples include:

  • Our bosses/supervisors/employees acting out in ways that hurt/bother us
  • Our spouses or children taking actions that are harmful to us
  • Neighbors not respecting our right to quiet privacy

Sometimes, our anger is directed at ourselves:

  • Not performing as well as we thought we should have in a sports competition, work project, home improvement or other
  • Not following through on some “pact” you made with yourself such as stopping alcohol/cigarette smoking, losing weight, etc.

Anger is not a good or fun emotion and can lead to deleterious behaviors.  For example, when anger is felt, it is tempting to turn immediately to some stress-reducing behaviors such as downing alcohol, eating high sugar food sources, seeking risky “fun” activities etc.

“Anger management” is most often accomplished with identifying the triggers to your anger, breathing exercises, removing yourself from the environment that is producing the anger, talking through your feelings, exercising and embarking on new activities that lessen stress/anger.  Depending on the level of anger and persistency, obtaining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from a professional is needed.

We will all feel anger at various times in our lives.  We must strive to not allow the anger to hurt us.

And to lighten this entry, here is a very funny scene from the Sandler/Nicholson movie “Anger Management”….enjoy!  

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