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The Impact Of Decisions On The Fly

If I asked the following question to 100 people, how many of them would have an answer?

What will you have for lunch 3 days from now?

My bet is that only 1 or 2 people would have a definitive reply.  I certainly do not what I will be eating three days from now.  How about this one?

What are you preparing for dinner tomorrow night?  

I believe many more people may have an answer to this question, although lots of people will not.

The point:  During a long-term weight control journey LOTS of planning is required to ensure that the correct balance of food groups is being consumed.  In order to reach the protein exchanges that we recommend, as well as keeping the carbs/fruits to a minimum, we must strategize, in advance, our “game plans”.  

When eating decisions are being made “on the fly”, we will often find ourselves throwing a processed food into the microwave, driving into a fast food drive-through or simply skipping a meal(s).  All of these will not be very compatible for successful weight control.

My suggestion:  Pick one day during the week and dedicate 15 minutes to writing out a “game plan” of what you intend to do for meals the upcoming week.  Take a peek at the sample meal plans in the back of our dietary handbook for some suggestions.  By developing this game plan, there will be much less chance of making “decisions on the fly” and a much better probability of dietary plan adherence.

Weight gain requires no thought, planning or strategizing.  Weight control is an entirely different scenario and will involve advance planning and minimizing spontaneous eating decisions.

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