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The Impact Of Shortcuts

We now live in a world where “shortcuts” are a big part of our lives.  In the older days, “shortcuts” were sort of reserved for finding ways to navigate your travel from Point A to Point B is a quicker method.  Currently there are many “shortcuts” that are offered to us via technology advances.  Here are some examples:

  • Sending text messages instead of calling someone
  • Placing a “like” or “thumbs up” next to something/someone that texted you as opposed to writing out a longer, well thought out note
  • Sending an e-mail of “thanks” instead of writing out and mailing a heartfelt note
  • Ordering your Dominos pizza by sending an emoji via text as opposed to calling someone and having them take your order

There are many, many other examples of “short cuts” that have become parts of our society, more specifically our behavioral patterns.

On the “short cut” aspect of weight control, here are some examples of how this concept impacts our ability to shed weight:

  • Buying microwavable, processed foods to feed us and the family
  • Going through a fast food drive through to pick up a meal
  • Using Uber Eats or Door Dash to bring food to our homes

Focusing on weight control, unfortunately, there are truly no major “short cuts” that can be employed to help weight control become long term.  “Diets” are “sortcuts” and are not sustainable.  Lots of work is required for successful weight control including: planning, focusing, keeping carbs and alcohol to a minimum, incorporating exercise time, etc etc

Current times have many/all of us in “shortcut” mentalities.  We cannot allow this mindset to spill over to our weight control efforts because these shortcuts will turn into a much more difficult and unsuccessful journey to higher health and happiness.

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