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The Impact On Confidence

Here is one definition of the word, “CONFIDENCE”: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

How would you self-rate your own confidence levels?  I suppose this question is sort of broad and perhaps this question could be broken down to different categories such as

When you dissect the concept of “confidence” to these different subject matters, clearly weight control will play a role in your feelings/level of self-confidence.  One of the major positives we hear from patients losing weight in our program is the heightened state of self-confidence that develops.  

  • Confidence in your ability to perform your job very well
  • Confidence in you being able to provide for you and your family
  • Confidence that you manage your money/investments wisely
  • Confidence that your future health will be good
  • Confidence that you are viewed by others as professional, competent and attractive

As weight comes down, there are many health benefits being derived, such as lower blood pressure, less joint pains, better sleep, more energy, etc.  On the aesthetic side, the loss of weight results in a more youthful, fit appearance and these translate into higher levels of self-confidence.  Our patients that speak in front of others are much more confident of their ability to “command a room” when their weight is under much better control.

Feeling better about your “look” and health will translate into much higher levels of self-confidence.  Higher self-confidence levels make us feel much happier…and that happiness is MUCH better than the short-term “happiness” that derailing food/snack/drink sources provide us.

There are many, many positive impacts on our bodies when we control weight.  One of the “mind” impacts is developing a much higher confidence level.  Stay steadfast and focused on your efforts to shed that weight.  I am confident (oops…different definition this time) that you will find the rewards worth the efforts.

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