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The Impact On Recovery

Here is a definition of “Recovery”: A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.

Before we delve into the subject of “recovery” deeper, when looking at the above definition, what percentage of the time do any of us really feel 100% “normal” in terms of our health, mind or strength?  The chances are that as we all age, there will be many instances when an injury, medical problem and/or stressful environmental/personal situation will result in not being at 100% “normal”.

Now focusing on weight control and the impact on recovery:  First, when injuries occur to the weight bearing joints such as the hips, knees, ankles or feet, recovery is hindered when these joints are required to carry more weight.  For every pound lost, four pounds of pressure come off these weight bearing joints, so there usually is a much quicker recovery time for orthopedic injuries in those people with healthier weights.

Recovery from major medical problems such as a heart attack, severe infection and similar life-threatening events is also hindered by poor weight control.  The vascular system, immune system and respiratory system are all adversely impacted by obesity.  Being at a healthier weight will enhance the recovery time from these events.

Routine surgeries such as knee/hip replacements, gallbladder removals, and similar “elective” surgeries will similarly see recovery times much enhanced when the people undergoing these surgeries are at a healthier weight.

Clearly, there is a major impact of weight control on “recovery”.  Unfortunately, as we all age, the chances increase of us being in situations when “recovery” is necessary and we are hoping to make this as quick as possible.    Staying steadfast and focused on your weight control efforts will result in a very positive impact on recovery.

And although in the “TMI” category (too much information), I am happy to report that my recovery is going very well after a recent elective inguinal hernia surgery.  Operated on Friday and back to work on Monday…not bad for a 65 year old guy, huh?  

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