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The Importance Of Adapting To The Environment

We have all heard the expression: “Human beings are creatures of habit”.  This refers to behavioral patterns that become sort of routine, meaning that we tend to repeat the same behaviors over and over again.  There is a sort of “comfort” In routinized behavioral patterns.  Things are predictable.

For purposes of this entry, I am focusing on the word “environment” as this relates to our home, workplace and the usual outside places (shopping, gyms, etc) that we frequent.  We get very comfortable and accustomed to these environments and they tend to become quite predicatable.

However, when we are removed from these environments due to travel, vacation, a permanent move or other, the predictability factor disappears.  We are faced with an entirely new ecosystem of sorts.

Focusing on weight control, when the environment is predictable, this allows for a much easier path for successful weight loss.  Having your own kitchen, having access to your home or outside gym, knowing what restaurant choices you have…these and many more “environmental factors” allow for an easier weight control journey.  However, when these predictable environmental factors are replaced with an entirely new set of conditions, it is much more difficult to shed weight.

The point of this entry: The “environment” will not adapt to your weight control needs.  YOU need to learn how to adapt to the new environment.  For example, people that travel lots for business and find themselves often in hotels and airports:  They need to learn how to navigate around the challenges of not having their own kitchens to prepare/eat compatible meals.  If they succumb to the challenges of the environments (business dinners out with lots of booze/desserts etc), eating fast food at airports, etc) despite “toeing the line” when home and having environmental predictability, weight control will not be successful.

Breaking human nature behavioral patterns is not easy and never will be.   However, for long-term weight control we must all learn how to adapt to our environments.  Many things change over time, including our environments.  Bob Dylan sang about this in 1964.

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