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The Importance Of Consistency

In the world of sports the players that we love to have on our favorite teams are those that display a great deal of CONSISTENCY.  In baseball, the successful CONSISTENT hitter will tend to NOT go into batting slumps.  That player will consistently get lots of hits, not strike out much and can be counted on in crucial situations to come through with a needed hit.  Derek Jeter of the Yankees (not my favorite team!) comes to mind.  In football, the CONSISTENT quarterback will tend to have great game after great game…he will NOT have one game of throwing for 300 yards and four touchdowns be followed by a game with three interceptions.

Let’s navigate away from the sporting world to the arena of weight control.  There are many people that are able to lose lots of weight.  However, there are far fewer people that can maintain that weight loss long term.  This is essentially the concept of “Y0-YO Dieters”.  When those people are in the “dieting” mode, they will do a great job of staying away from sugars/carbs, not drinking much, if any, alcohol, schedule exercise time and be fully invested into their weight loss efforts.  However, when they decide to come off of the “diet”, all of the old habits return that caused the weight situation in the first place.

CONSISTENCY is VERY important for the weight loss to be sustainable.  The person losing ½-1 pound a week by consistency reducing the derailing food/drink sources is better situated to keep that weight off than those that completely eliminate carbs/sugars/booze, intermittently fast and/or take other extreme measures to lose weight.  If the goal is to lose weight in anticipation of an upcoming event such as a wedding, reunion or other, short-term commitment is the only thing needed.  For long-term weight control, CONSISTENCY in the approach is necessary.

Try not to be an “ALL-IN” and then “ALL-OUT” person when it comes to your quest to shed weight and keep it off.  CONSISTENCY of your approach is the key.

And the most CONSISTENT Number One song music person/group?  The Beatles with 20 Number One songs.  (Mariah Carey is second with 19).  Here is one of them.

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