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The Importance Of “Father”

I am writing this entry on Father’s Day but it will not be posted until next week so I wish all of you FATHERS out there a very happy and healthy Father’s Day and many more to come.  I was watching the news this morning and there was a playful story about the difference in expenditures between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in the U.S.  About $15 BILLION more dollars are spent on Mother’s Day gifts than Father’s Day.  Does this mean that “Fathers” are any less important to their children than “Mothers”?  Well, I believe that the relationships between children and their parents are not any less important, but they are different.

Being a Baby Boomer, “Father” was the guy that played catch with me, watched football on the old black and white TV in the basement on Sundays and went to work Monday through Friday to provide the money needed for our household.  “Mom” was the nurturer: washed and ironed our clothes (I had hot underwear in my drawer every morning), made the meals, gave us the hugs, etc.  Of course, time, customs and cultures have changed and these traditional 1900’s roles have changed dramatically in the 21st century.  However, I would bet that still “Mother” represents the more nurturing parent.

Although our children may not spend as much $$$ on us for Father’s Day as they do for their Mothers, please remember just how important you are in the lives of your children.  Your presence and ability to be a role model, provide support, play with your children and always “be there” for them in many ways are INCREDIBLY important for your children’s health and happiness.  Do any of you Fathers out there doubt how strong your daughters’ bond is with you?  Having unfortunately attended a number of funerals of family and patients, watching the devastation in the eyes of daughters when they lose their Fathers exceeds anyone else’s despair and mourning.

The reason for this post (albeit late) is two-fold:

  1. Wish all of you guys out there a very happy and healthy Father’s Day
  2. IMPLORE YOU to take every measure possible to keep yourself alive and in good health.  Yes, we will all die at some point and our children, along with the rest of our loved ones, will be devastated.  However, by keeping our weight under control, minimizing alcohol usage, exercising regularly etc we will enjoy many more Father’s Days with our amazing children, loving spouses and the important people in our lives.

 And I know just how strong the Father-Daughter bond is but our Sons are just as important to us, so today’s song will be a Cat Steven’s oldie, “Father and Son”.

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