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The Importance Of Managing Expectations

During an initial consultation about our weight control program, many people will ask the question: “How much weight will I lose in 12 weeks?”  Along this same line, when patients come in for their weekly visits we are often asked “Is this amount of weight loss usually seen?”  

Expectations of the amount/rate of weight loss will depend on a number of factors including:

  • The age of the person
  • The gender
  • Orthopedic issues that may or may not limit activity
  • Other medical conditions that may contribute to a sluggish metabolism
  • Medications a person is taking that may impact weight loss
  • Other responsibilities/obligations that preclude exercise, planning, cooking time etc.

One of the key contributing factors to a successful weight control journey is staying in a positive mindset along the way.  When frustration sets in, this may quickly lead to the “I give up” mentality.  To avoid this scenario, we all need to take a step back and understand that the path from our current weight to the desired weight is a long-term journey.  We should all care much more about where we are weight-wise 6 months, 12 months, or years from now as opposed to what happens by next week.  However, human nature being what it is, we all tend to lack patience along the way.

Please try to manage your expectations during your weight control journey.  By doing so, you will avoid times of frustration that can boil over to “I give up”.   Take into account the factors listed above and ensure that your expectations do not exceed what is reality.

I had difficulty finding a song about expectations but I certainly found a great song about “Respect”…enjoy Aretha Franklin.

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