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The Importance Of Momentum

Here is a definition of “MOMENTUM” referring to life, as opposed to the true physics meaning: 

Momentum, when applied to ideas of motivation, enables you to start thinking clearly, see that your goals are reachable, and find a sense of purpose, power, and direction. Learning how to build momentum is, therefore, one of the first steps to finding success in life.

The word “MOMENTUM” is often used in the sporting world when a team gets on a roll, scoring multiple times, making great plays and in many other ways, building upon their successes.  We have all seen our favorite teams in these situations when, at times, they look unbeatable.  However, at other times, their plays (and results) are not so good and losses start piling up.

Turning this discussion to the weight control arena: MOMENTUM is often needed to provide a spark to the weight loss journey.  There is nothing more frustrating than losing a pound or 2 one week, regaining that the next and repeating this scenario.  This lack of progress finally brings the affected people to the “I Give Up” mentality.

By committing yourself to Phase 1 of our plan, and NOT allowing anything outside in (i.e. weekend alcohol, joining friends for carbs/alcohol, hitting the pantry at night for poor snack choices), you will see a good amount of weight loss.  Seeing this may compel you to follow the same approach the next week and, more weight loss.  Building this momentum can really help produce major headway into the desired weight loss.

MOMENTUM does not only apply to the sports world…it also plays a major role in keeping us motivated to continue our efforts to exchange immediate gratification for delayed gratification..

I cannot find any songs that focus on MOMENTUM but here is a song from Tina Turner that builds MOMENTUM as it progresses.


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