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The Importance Of Negentropy

Let’s travel back to our high school science classes.  Do you remember our teachers explaining the concept of “ENTROPY” to us?  Basically, “ENTROPY” describes a sort of randomness of particles in the chemical universe.  Left to their own devices, meaning they are not controlled in any manner, these particles will spread, rotate and move in random directions.  There is no “Order” to this system.  When the concept of “ENTROPY” is brought outside of the particle realm and associated with real life, this word describes a sort of CHAOS situation.



The exact opposite of “ENTROPY” is “NEGENTROPY”.  As opposed to randomness and chaos associated with ENTROPY, the NEGENTROPY universe is characterized by order, design and predictability.



I will now bring these concepts to the weight loss field:  When we do NOT plan meals, schedule exercise, remain mindful of our eating behaviors and in many other ways, (ENTROPY-like environment) there will be little-no chance of losing weight and keeping that weight off.  However, if we journal our food intake, plan out our meals/snacks, remain mindful of why it is so important for us to shed the weight, and in many other ways bring order to our behaviors (NEGENTROPY state), there is a great chance of achieving a successful long-term weight control effort.



There is lots of pressure on all of us to enter ENTROPY states of life, but to keep us healthier and happier, we must choose NEGENTROPY instead.  Easy to say, not easy to do but a must for our long-term health.

And I know I am gonna lose 90% of you with this last song, but “chemistry” is an oft-used term to describe how two people may become attracted to each other.  From a very old Broadway musical (movie version had Frank Sinatra and Marlon Brando) enjoy a tune from “Guys and Dolls”.

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