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The Importance Of Planning

We all love vacations.  Taking a break from the vigorous work routine, heading to a resort, beach, mountains or other wonderful venue, not having to deal with traffic and the other frustrations of our daily lives….these, and many more positive aspects of vacations make us very happy.  

Vacations tend to be planned out in great detail: The day we leave and the day we return, whether we drive or fly to the destination, what hotel or lodging we desire, reserving a rental car if needed, buying tickets to attractions,  what activities we want to partake in…LOTS of planning.  This planning in and of itself is lots of fun, as we will include our spouses/children/siblings/grandchildren in some/all of this planning.  It is exciting to set up what will eventually be an incredibly fun and memorable time.  If we do not plan out our vacations, there is a chance that some of the really fun events and things will not be available.

Let’s move the discussion to the weight control arena (what a surprise, huh?).  One of the very important aspects of a successful weight control journey is planning a number of aspects required to achieve the success we seek:  

  • Planning meals for the upcoming days/week
  • Planning what to shop for at the grocery store
  • Planning how to get exercise fit into the hectic week
  • Planning how to stay adherent to the dietary plan when eating out at restaurants or other people’s homes
  • Planning a vacation that will not set your weight loss journey back several weeks

The above list can be expanded to many other “planning points”.  

The bottom line:  “Planning” is of utmost importance for a successful long term weight control journey to occur.  Make spontaneous decisions about meals, not shopping with a list, not checking out a restaurant menu before going:  If planning is not a part of the process the efforts have a high chance of failing.

We all like to plan and think about what our later years will bring us as far as fun, peace and health in retirement.  Planning many aspects of your weight control journey will help your other plans materialize.

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