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The Importance Of Positive Encouragement

For my birthday in April, our daughter Kym gave me a present I have never received before:  I woke up to find a video on my Facebook messenger from the comedian/actor Jon Lovitz delivering me a personalized “Happy Birthday” video.  I always found this guy hilarious, especially in the movies League Of Their Own (with Tom Hanks) and Rat Race.  After I picked myself off the floor from laughing so much from the video, I called Kym and she told me about a website called “Cameo”, where you can find a celebrity/actor/sports star and/or other famous people to provide a video personalized greeting.  The price of this varies on the “fame” of the person you can hire.  Some of the more famous people will command close to $1000 dollars whereas the lesser famed people can cost $100 bucks.

Of course, my mind starts racing with these types of things so I started thinking about how cool it would be to have every one of our new patients entering the program receive a “welcome” video from a person he/she really admires or follows.  My thinking is that if a famous person exhorted a person to really stick to the concept of lifestyle changing as opposed to dieting AND follow our plan to the letter, this positive encouragement could go a long way in getting people motivated.

Positive encouragement does not need to come from famous people.  When a person has 20 or more pounds to lose, often there is marked trepidation that the task at hand is too daunting to overcome and that person will not even try due to fear of failure.  Having people provide support and positive encouragement can most definitely enhance the chances of success.

Unfortunately, our company cannot hire Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez or any other really famous person to provide personalized encouragement for our patients trying to control weight.   BUT, the not so famous Dr. Posner and Serotonin-Plus Team are always here for you to pat you on the back and exhort you to continue your efforts.  Stop in for a FREE body scan and partake of our encouragement.  Also, “pay it forward”…provide positive encouragement to anyone you know that is trying to get their weight to healthier levels.  

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