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The Importance Of Sustainability

For those people that have had many years of struggling with weight control, you know how difficult it is to maintain the weight loss.  We have all “dieted” successfully at different points in our lives, i.e. lost weight, but the overwhelming majority of “dieters” have regained all of the weight that was lost, and possibly more.

There are MANY different approaches to losing weight including:

  • Counting calories and limiting the intake to a specified amount per day
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Purchasing prepacked foods
  • Using food alternatives such as protein bars or shakes
  • Following some sort of “fad” dietary plan
  • Spending $$$ on an online weight program such as Noom or paying for a medical weight loss program using prescription medications 

As the New Year approaches and you are contemplating your next “move” in managing your weight, please keep in mind that “SUSTAINABILITY” is a very important component.  As an example, studies have shown a high “drop out” rate in intermittent fasting approaches.  People will start this and be successful, but if there is a relatively high drop out rate, the weight loss will not be sustained.  Similarly, if meal replacements are being purchased to help shed weight, the chances are high that the weight loss will not be sustained when people revert to eating “real” food again.

If your goal is to lose weight for purposes of a certain event such as an upcoming wedding, then “sustainability” is not important.  However, if the goal is to lose the weight and keep that weight off, “sustainability” in the approach is of utmost importance.

Most likely we all would like the weight loss to “Stay Awhile”.   And with that I am posting an incredible cheesy song from the early 1970s…Enjoy The Bells….

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