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The Importance Of “WHY”

For pretty much every decision and action we take there is a “Why” associated with this:

“Why” do we wake up and go to work?  So we can generate the necessary monies to pay for our homes, food, recreation etc.

“Why” do we take vacations?  So we can destress from our busy lives and enjoy the company of our special ones.

“Why” do we watch certain shows?  So we can be entertained and enjoy our evenings.

This list of “whys” can go on and on.

Focusing on health issues, there are lots of “whys” that occur as well?

“Why” do we take blood pressure and/or cholesterol meds?  So we can prevent having heart attacks and strokes

“Why” do we visit the doctor yearly for checkups?  So any serious disease can be found early when still treatable

“Why” do we go in for mammograms, colonoscopies and other screening testing?  So we can detect cancer at a very early stage.

This list if “whys” can also go on and on.

Now, to weight control: “Why” do we want to get to a much heathier weight?  LOTS of reasons: looking younger, having more energy, coming off of medications being used to treat co-morbidities, fitting into our stylish clothes.  And the list goes on and on.

“Why” do we consume the foods/drinks that derail weight control?  Simple answer here: Because they provide an immediate gratification.

Compare the “why” of engaging in a healthier lifestyle vs. the “whys” of consuming derailing food/drink sources.  Clearly, the “why” of the former vastly surpass the importance of the latter “whys”.  

Always keep at the forefront of your mind the reasons “why” you want to be healthier and hopefully these will steer you away from the eating/drinking behaviors that block your path.

And, this is my inaugural blog entry in my “new” professional phase of life.  “Why” did I not retire?  Because I absolutely LOVE trying to help my patients become happier and healthier.

“Hi” to my Williamsburg patients and “WELCOME BACK” to those Northern VA patients that wanted to still get my daily missives.

And, here is “Welcome Back”…the theme to the old TV show “Welcome Back Kotter”.

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