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The January MindSet

Perhaps you have noticed that when you are watching network television you are seeing LOTS of commercials for weight loss products and meals.  Companies such as Nutrisystems, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers spend lots of advertising bucks in January to promote their weight loss services.  You may also be noticing LOTS of advertisements for fitness centers as well.  

We, at Serotonin-Plus, also spend more marketing dollars in January than in other months.  The reason:  The number of people searching for “weight loss help”, both on and offline are far greater in January than any other month of the year.

The reason:  The holiday season, for most, results in significant weight gain on top of what may already be a “preexisting” weight control problem.  The post-holiday time period, especially immediately (January) is when people make vows of focusing on health.  Hence, the reason why gyms are more crowded and most weight control companies see higher spends on their goods and services.

Talk to most gym owners or employees and you will hear that after the initial January crowds, there is a gradual reduction of the amount of people in the gyms.  Similarly, most companies providing weight control goods and services see a spike in January and then a fall off as well.

During your long-term weight control efforts try to avoid the trap of a “full speed ahead” mindset in January that then tails off.  Yes, January is much easier to get focused on weight control because many of the derailing holiday events are over.  However, try to not let this enthusiasm and focus wane.

Turn the “January Mindset” into a consistent focus on health that knows no seasonal variations.

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