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The Lesser Of Two Evils Is ____?

Quite often our patients refer to the snacks they crave and like to eat as “sweets, treats and goodies”.  As soon as I hear these terms I immediately (and probably rudely) interrupt the patient and state:  “Nope…please refer to these high caloric/weight gaining snacks as evil saboteurs, as they basically are sabotaging your efforts to become healthier.  The terms “sweet, treat and goodie” makes these inanimate food sources sound that they are kind to us, they are our friends and they are a good part of our lives.  A piece of chocolate may taste sweet but it is not helpful to us in our weight control endeavors.

Sometimes we are placed in situations when we are very limited in our choices.  As an example, if we are invited to a dinner party and we are being served a pasta dish as the main course with carb-laden side dishes, how can we stick to a high protein/low carbohydrate approach?  Another example:  We agreed to go with friends to a winery.  Lots of wine tastings and cheese/fruit boards are in front of us and everyone else is partaking.  How do we handle this situation?

Sometimes, the best approach is to scrutinize the various weight-derailing items and consciously choose the “lesser of the two evils”.  As an example, if abundant alcohol is present and you feel obliged to join everyone else, the white or red wine is a “lesser evil” than the frozen colada type drinks.  Another example: An array of desserts are being presented at a holiday meal.  Choosing the fruit-oriented dessert will be a “lesser evil” than the brownie sundae.

At all times, also remember that the “lesser of the two evils” is still “evil” meaning that ingesting this will still harm your weight control efforts, albeit less hurtful than the greater of the “two evils”.

And how could I not end this entry without posting Santana’s famous song, “Evil Ways” and here is his performance at Woodstock.

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