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The Most Difficult Stretch

Let’s take the Covid pandemic and this very contentious political environment out of the picture:  The average weight gain people experience between Halloween and New Year’s is 7.4 pounds.  Now, add back in the very stressful circumstances we are all experiencing and that 7.4 pounds could easily be doubled.  There is no doubt that this time period represents the most challenging weight control environment.  

From the leftover Halloween candy to the Thanksgiving feasts to the Christmas and New Years gatherings, higher amounts of alcohol and carbs tend to be consumed.  And as mentioned, layer on top of this incredible amounts of stressful issues brought on by the pandemic and this becomes much more challenging to control weight.

So, do we simply give in and not worry about this until January 2nd and declare a New Year’s resolution to lose weight OR should we take hold of this situation now?  You know, of course, my answer:  We should be especially vigilant during this time period as the challenges are many.  First, get rid of any leftover candies.  If they are in the garbage can and not your pantry, there are much better chances you won’t reach for them.  Concerning the holiday gatherings, consciously limit the portions of the high carb food sources and keep alcohol intake minimized.  Focus on the enjoyment of being around your loved ones as opposed to the derailing food and drink sources that accompany these gatherings.

Come in for your FREE body scans monthly during this time period.  Having the accountability factor of getting weighed by the SP Team can help keep you on track.

Yes, this is an incredibly difficult stretch with the added complications, but we all have the power to navigate around these challenges.  We all deserve to be healthy and enjoy future Halloweens through New Years when masks and Covid fears do not complicate our lives.

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