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The Most Powerful Motivators

Human nature is such that we, as human beings, often have our behaviors governed by motivating factors.  When we are focusing on weight control, there are often powerful “motivators” that spring us into action, i.e. commit ourselves and do what it takes to shed that weight.

In my experience, some of the most powerful “motivators” involve the desire to be at a certain weight to have the aesthetic “look” required for an upcoming event.  Here are some examples:

  • A wedding date is upcoming in 3-6 months and the bride/bride’s mother wants to fit into a desired dress size for the event.
  • A landmark school reunion is coming up in the future and there is a desire to look great and more youthful as opposed to being the person others snicker about.
  • There is a major work event upcoming such as a promotion or retirement celebration and the person wants to look younger and more vibrant.

Aside from aesthetics, there are many other “motivators” that produce action on our parts to shed the weight.  Many of these involve health issues. Here are some examples:

  • A person goes in for a physical exam and labs and then called by the doctor and informed that prediabetes is present and there is a good chance that diabetes will occur.
  • Severe knee pain is occurring and the orthopedic doctor tells the person that surgery cannot be performed until a substantial amount of weight is lost.
  • A close family member or friend dies from some weight related co-morbidity such as pancreatic cancer, stroke or heart attack.

Whether this be an aesthetic/self-confidence motivator or a health concern motivator, there are no paucity of reasons why you should commit yourself, follow through and never end your weight control efforts.  Motivators can be very powerful.  Make a list of these and place them prominently where you can often see them to remind yourself of why you are willing to give up immediate gratification food/drink items for the more important goals of health and wellness.

And when I wrote about the motivation of looking great in the wedding dress, this made me think of one of the sweetest songs I have heard at multiple weddings I have attended…The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” by Peter, Paul and Mary.  Enjoy…

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