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The Movie Theatre Experience

Yesterday I did a father/son trip to the movies.  This was sort of nostalgic for me, as my kids and I often went to the movies together when they were much younger.  One of their favorites was the Indiana Jones movies.  The main character is played by Harrison Ford (of Star Wars fame as well) and I had so much fun watching him yesterday resurrect the Indiana Jones character.  Between special effects and doubles, it was amazing to see how they were able to take this 80 year old actor and place him into an action packed picture.  As an older guy myself, it was so much fun to see the guy chasing down the bad guys, winning fights and doing all the stuff that makes him a hero.

We went to the movies after lunch and I was very happy that we did.  The reason?  Had I just not filled by belly I would have been enticed to buy that great smelling movie theatre popcorn OR purchased one of the many large boxes of candies that were sitting in the display box.  These candies also brought back great memories of childhood and the fun I would have sharing these with my children when they were much younger.

I did observe the many people in the theatre that did partake of the popcorn and/or other treats as they were engaged in watching the movie.  Clearly, the focus was on watching this action-packed flick so the eating part was without thought.  Basically, for over 2 hours a sort of constant hand to mouth activity was occurring.  I have no doubt that most people finished the entire tub of popcorn or large box of candy.

The mindless eating at the movies extends to the eating we do while watching streaming services at home.  Once again, if we are engaged in watching a movie or game and we are not thinking about the eating we are doing, this distracted snacking will be very deleterious to our weight control efforts.

The point of this entry: When “going to the movies” (either at the theatre or in our own media rooms at home) do NOT bring snacks with you.  If at the movies, go after a meal so you are not tempted to buy these overpriced treats and if at home, place the show on pause, go up and get your snack but be very conscious of what/how much you are eating.

And my rating of the new Indiana Jones movie?  80% on the actual movie, 100% on the company and my nostalgic feelings.

And here is John Williams, at 90 years of age, conducting his very famous Indiana Jones theme song.

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