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The New Season Begins Every Day

Most major league baseball teams open their training camps in the next week or so in anticipation of beginning the new 2024 baseball season with real games starting at the end of March.  Each team comes in with great enthusiasm, energy and hopes that the new season will bring them a World Series title.  Some of the teams, such as the Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros have lots of reasons to be positive, namely their track record of always being in the playoffs.  However, other teams, such as the Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals and my favored team, the N.Y. Mets, may come into the new season with great expectations but the past has shown that a great outcome for the new season is far less likely.

I will often bring up sports analogies when writing these entries about health and wellness, and the “New Season” concept applies to our quest for improved health and wellness.  Whether it be the first of January, a different time of year or a date when we have escaped a health scare, we all have a “New Season” to attempt to get ourselves to an improved state of health.  Despite previous “seasons” that may have not fared very well in terms of success in reaching our goals, a “New Season” may bring a much better and more favorable outcome.

You do not need to wait until April for the new baseball season, September for the new football season or October for the new basketball season:  Your “Better Health” Season should begin TODAY.  Roll up your sleeps, develop deep resolve and commitment for ridding yourself of the deleterious behaviors that are hurting you.  By doing so, your new season will result in a personal “Championship” of good health and happiness.

My favorite baseball movie (sorry to you “Bull Durham” fans out there)::  A comedy called “Major League” starring Wesley Snipes, Tom Berenger and Renee Russo.  Here is one of the really nice songs from the soundtrack, “Most Of All You” sung by Bill Medley.

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