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Any old movie fans out there?  Any Billy Crystal fans out there as well?  (I think I just lost my audience of people under the age of 50).  One of my favorite Billy Crystal movies was a 1991 Western called “City Slickers”.  The story was about three fast talking, street-wise New York City guys that attend a “Cowboy Experience” camp and they learn how to ride horses and drive cattle.  Billy Crystal’s character bonds with a tough Cowboy dude (played by Jack Palance who won the Academy Award for his performance) and although the Cowboy doesn’t speak much, he has a profound line that inspires Billy Crystal.   The Cowboy asks Billy Crystal:  “Do you know the secret to life?”.  When Crystal does not have an answer, the Cowboy puts up one finger.  This confuses Crystal as he does not know what that meant as the Cowboy would not elaborate.  Later, in the movie, Crystal realizes that this is the meaning of the Cowboy’s line:  Everyone needs to figure out the one thing that is most important to them to bring them happiness.

So, away from the movies and time for introspection:  When you think about your “number one thing” that holds most importance, what does that conjure up?  Quality time with your family/loved ones?  Being able to retire at a certain age?  Accumulating a certain amount of wealth?  Staying healthy and avoiding serious medical problems?  Feeling happy? Achieving a certain level of professional achievement?

Here is the thing about successful long-term weight control:  Whatever that “Number One Thing” that inspires you to attain, controlling weight will markedly enhance the chances of achieving that “Number One Thing”.  Being able to spend more quality time with your loved ones, being able to enjoy an activity-filled retirement as opposed to one doctor visit to the next, working longer to achieve more financially and professionally…these and more “Number One Things” are yours for the taking.

And if you wanna see scene from City Slickers, here ya go!

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