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The Power Of The Pen

There have been many changes over the years due to the advancement of technology.  One of these changes is taking pencils and pens out of our hands and converting our “writing tools” to strokes on smart phones, Ipads, laptops and other electronic means of “writing” down the things we used to actually write with a pen.  Our children/grandchildren no longer learn to write in cursive in school and when young people communicate with each other, acronyms, emojis and other “newer age” ways of communication occur.

Being “old school” I often recommend to our patients that they actually write out ( I mean with pen and paper) certain “lists” that may help increase the chances of their weight control efforts succeeding long-term.  Some of these lists include bullet point notes as to why weight control is so important to them, shopping lists prepared for the supermarket journey, lists of derailing foods/drinks that they need to avoid, etc etc.

Aside from helping weight control, studies have shown that writing things down using pen and paper can help in other ways, including:

  • Writing is one of the best ways to improve your mental health because it allows you to think more clearly and organized
  • Writing relieves stress and anxiety
  • Writing can help us overcome traumatic experiences
  • Writing improves physical health
  • Writing can improve social and behavioral outcomes

So, close those laptops, place that smart phone on your pockets, put the I-pad away, go to Staples and buy yourself some pens and pads.  There is “Power Of The Pen” and we can use that Power to help us become lots healthier and happier via successful weight control.

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