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The Psychology Of Clothing

Shedding weight helps improve a number of clinical/physiological parameters such as blood pressure, serum glucose, cholesterol levels etc.  However, I have found that one byproduct of weight loss produces an excitement way beyond seeing laboratory testing change:  Being able to fit into clothing that previously could not be worn.  I have seen countless patients that exuberantly proclaim their happiness because of the new “look” that allows them to wear the clothes they feel/look best in.  Why is this so important?

I lifted some excerpts from an article written by Carmen Lopez called “Look Good, Feel Great: The Psychology Of Clothing”:

“What you wear is a message to others and to yourself about who you are. The “psychology of clothing” tells us that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the clothes you choose.

Wearing a pilot uniform shows that you’re a pilot. Putting on athletic clothes implies that you’re sporty and fit. Rocking a bright red dress tells us that you’re daring and adventurous!

But the association between clothes and perception runs even deeper than that. What you wear directly influences your thoughts and behaviors. It also impacts how others perceive your personality and actions. The social and psychological aspects of clothing are more intertwined with outfit choice than you think.

Whether or not we like it, “judgment” is a part of our society. People will make a split decision about you within the first 8 seconds of meeting you. Usually, this is impacted by your handshake, greeting, and clothing.

Someone will instantly size you up based on what you’re wearing – whether or not they’re doing it consciously. For example, you’d think someone carrying a Chanel bag has money while someone in ripped, dirty clothes might be struggling. Someone wearing blackmight listen to heavy music, while someone dressed in pastels listens to pop radio music.

Even more important than how others view you, what you wear can impact your own self-image as well. The image you create with your clothes can then actually direct your behaviors and actions. If your clothing doesn’t give you that “feel good” sensation, what’s the point of wearing them?”

If you would like to read the complete article, here is the link:

Weight control produces LOTS of positive outcomes.  Being able to wear the clothes that make us feel/look great may not be as important medically as bringing down the blood pressure or blood glucose, but it sure is a great psychological boost.

Enjoy Rod Stewart’s “You Wear It Well”   

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