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The Reality Of Photos

I had a good laugh several days ago.  For some reason, I logged onto my own Linked In profile page and saw that the picture I have posted on that business networking site was taken well over 20 years ago.  I guess I never bothered to update this photo.  Looking in the mirror now compared to that Linked In photo shows a stark difference in appearance:  Linked In shows a really vibrant looking young-ish doctor and the mirror shows a sort of geriatric, grandfather appearing gentleman.

I suspect a number of you out there similarly have outdated photos posted on social media sites, business cards, dating sites and/or other profiles that we offer to the public.  I do not believe that any of us intentionally are trying to deceive others (except for the dating site miscues).  Rather, we simply do not get around to updating the photos unless our new appearance is perceived by us to be lots better than the photos we have posted previously.

There also is a human nature element to this:  We all (me included) like to think of ourselves as still being in our younger states of being.  We would also like to portray ourselves in these younger states and therefore, not getting around to changing our photos may be a subconscious delay as well for this reason.

Why I am bringing up this topic:  I have had many patients enter our weight control program because of this reason:  A photo is taken either at work or with the family and the person looks at the photo and does not recognize him/herself.   Reality of the photo is showing an overweight/obese person whereas the person’s mind would not allow that person to think of him/herself as overweight/obese.  If the person has not been getting on the scale and the mirror is sort of “lying” to that person, then a photo will be the only thing that will prove reality.

The point of this entry: Whether it be your weight, your blood pressure, blood sugar or other, it is important to obtain “reality” checks of your current status.  The human nature part of our brains will attempt to protect us from an unhappy reality as this relates to a number of health related parameters.

And here is the late Jim Croce singing “Photographs and Memories”.  He died so young.

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