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The Snow Ball Effect?

I remember as a kid growing up in New York that we seemed to have lots more snow than we do now. 

When it snowed, my friends and I would take our sleds and go to a hill.  After getting bored of repeatedly going down the hill we would then direct our efforts on making a big snowman.  To get the larger round base made we would start with a small snow ball, start rolling this down the hill and by the time we got to the bottom, there was a huge round base part for our snowman.

Okay, enough nostalgia stories about my childhood…what does this have to do with advise on weight control?  Here goes:

When weight starts going up, it does not start out with 30 pounds.  The first week may be several pounds, the second week several more and if unchecked/unaddressed each subsequent week will add more and more pounds.  The end result will eventually be LOTS of weight that has been placed on.  This is analogous to the snow ball rolling down the hill…by the time that snowball has reached the bottom of the hill, it will be a huge ball.

Stopping the “Snow Ball Effect” requires vigilance and action.  Concerning the vigilance part, weighing yourself at least once a week and writing the weight down on a list and coming in monthly to us for your free body scan provides a “vigilance” to what is occurring with our weight.  Turning to the “action” part, once it is observed that the weight has gone up a few pounds, act on this by committing yourself to SP Phase 1 or modified Phase 2 for a week.  That will very likely bring the weight right back down.

When the snowball becomes too big, it takes a long time to melt away.  Try not to allow the ‘Snow Ball Effect” to adversely impact on your long-term weight control efforts.

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