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The Start Of The Summer Season

I am writing this entry on the Friday of the Memorial Day holiday weekend.  The older we get, the faster the summer season seems to pass by.  July 4th appears quickly and then in a flash, we are celebrating Labor Day and the summer season feels over.  Way too quick!

The summer season offers some potential challenges to our weight control efforts but at the same time, summer provides an opportunity to shed weight.

Here are some of the challenges that summer season brings:

  • Vacations for many that revolve around eating and alcohol consumption 
  • The lack of the “get ready for swimsuit” motivation as we are now fully into swimsuit mode
  • Social events with friends/loved ones that involve outings, barbeques and other gatherings that will include lots of weight-gaining foods and drinks

Conversely, here are some of the opportunities that summer season provides to improve your health:

  • More daylight/sunlight hours to allow you to exercise in the early or later parts of the day
  • Warmer temperatures to allow for more comfortable activity than the cold/dark months
  • Outdoor barbeque cooking that can be used to prepare lots of protein not only for that meal but perhaps for additional meals for the week
  • Wearing more revealing clothes than during the winter, providing motivation to keep the body as healthy looking as possible


Let’s all try to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives as this relates to the summer season.  By doing so, we will all enjoy many more beautiful summers in the future.

And, I am torn between posting “A Summer Place” vs. Chad and Jeremy’s “Summer Song”, but, the winner of the “Summer in the title song” will go to a hidden Neil Diamond song that does not get nearly as much airplay as “Sweet Caroline” and his other multimillion seller hits.  The song?  “Summer Love” from his widely panned movie “The Jazz Singer”…enjoy!

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