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The Value Of Support

In January, 2021 there will be a launch of a national campaign to offer our medical weight control program to people all over the United States.  The program will be delivered via telemedicine.  Our partners in this project have vast experience in marketing/advertising health and wellness products direct to consumers both online and through television commercials.  I was down in Florida last week filming my segments of these commercials and the video crew came up to Virginia last week to film our “testimonial” patients.

The Producer of the commercials was the person that interviewed the patients.  He asked a wide range of questions about the serotonin nutraceuticals, the prescription component of the plan, the dietary piece as well as the support provided.  After filming was completed, Bruce the Producer, told me that common theme echoed by every one of the patients was that the support piece of the program was the most important aspect to their success.  Yes, they had great things to say about the real food nature of the dietary plan and the help the serotonin nutraceuticals and prescription medication provided but the emphasis was on the counselor support.

If people could lose weight on their own, 70% of Americans would not be overweight/obese.  Clearly, help is needed.  That “help” can take the form of “diets”, books, supplements, surgery, medications etc.  However, “support” appears to be the most effective component to help people along their successful weight control journeys.  

The support we provide here includes:  FREE monthly body scans post-medical program, daily blogs, recipes and the knowledge that we are always “here” for you.  Our SP Counselors and I hopefully provide positive encouragement and lots of help along the way.  We completely understand the challenges involved in trying to lose weight and keep that weight off.  Having the support of the SP Team, your family and friends will go a long way in ensuring a successful outcome.

If you have not stopped in for awhile, please come in for your free body scan and a quick “hi”.  If you do not live close, go to our website and check out all of the blogs you may have missed.  Please partake of the support we provide…it may be of great help to you.

How valuable is support to achieving success in weight control?  The answer is “VERY”.

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