The Wonder of YOU

Last week our team dressed up for Halloween.  I attempted to dress as Elvis but due to my ridiculous costume and wig, I had one patient walk into the office, look at me and say: “GREAT Evil Kneival outfit!”.  Another patient’s take on my costume:  “Super Elton John costume”.  So, apparently, my costume was not a very good one indeed.  At the end of office hours I also launched into one of my favorite Elvis songs: “The Wonder Of You”.  A horrible karaoke performance by me as well.

I have been seeing patients in our Burke office for 34 years and I consider myself the luckiest doctor in the world.  The reason?  YOU.  We have the most incredible patient panel of super intelligent, highly successful and kind/nice people.  The professions of our patients vary from teachers to consultants to business owners to lawyers to accountants to to politicians to lobbyists and the list goes on and on.  The commonality:  Pretty much all of our patients are very successful at what they do as well as balance the needs of their families.

It is VERY important that YOU never forget about the “Wonder of YOU”.  YOU are so important to so many people, most notably your family and friends.  YOU provide support to your loved ones in many ways, including financially and emotionally.  Losing YOU would be catastrophic to your family, friends and colleagues.

Please stay motivated to shed that weight and improve the chances of YOU being healthy and happy to continue being the “Wonder of YOU”.  We all are sometimes/often guilty of not realizing just how important we all are to our loved ones.  Please use this as a motivation to stay focused on your efforts to improve/maintain good health.

And now here is an invitation you simply cannot refuse:  PATIENT APPRECIATION NIGHT IS BACK!!!  The pandemic closed down our annual event for several years but this year we are bringing this fun event to life!




Please come by to say “hi”, grab a snack/drink and allow us to privilege of saying “many thanks” to you for allowing us to take care of your medical and/or weight control needs.  PLEASE join us!!!

And I promise you I will not be dressed in some crazy Elvis outfit!

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