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There Are No Ends or Finish Lines

In the sports world, pretty much every different sport has an “end” or “finish line” that indicates that game is over:

  • Four, 15 minutes quarters in football
  • Nine innings in baseball
  • Three, 20 minutes periods in hockey
  • Four, 15 minutes quarters in basketball
  • Car races that have a fixed number of laps
  • Running races defined by the length of the run (5K, 10K, marathons, etc) 

Let’s switch this topic to the health/wellness field.  Here, the “events” would be such things as:

  • Getting the cholesterol level down below 100
  • Getting the blood pressure into normal levels
  • Getting the blood sugar levels to below diabetes range
  • Getting the BMI below 25 and/or % body fat below 25%

Here is the major difference between the sports world and the health/wellness arena:  Unlike games in sports, in the health/wellness area, there are no “Ends” or “Finish Lines”.  Once we are able to reach the healthy parameters we are seeking in our labs, vital signs and body composition, we MUST continue in our efforts.  We cannot be like the players that, after a game, start sucking down beers and relaxing.  We must remain focused, committed and steadfast in our efforts to maintain our new, healthier bodies.

There is nothing “fun” about the steps needed to improve our health.  However, the great “fun” is feeling more energy, looking younger, ridding ourselves of medications and wearing the clothes that provide us with the most satisfaction.

The “End” or “Finish Line” of NOT focusing on your own health is not a very fun end.

How about answering this question:  What do YOU consider the “End” of your innocence?

Enjoy Don Henly’s song, “The End Of The Innocence”.

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