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“THEY” Say…

I remember as a kid growing up in New York City, my mother would forbid me from going swimming immediately after eating a meal, stating that “THEY say that you can get cramps from swimming after a meal, drown, and die.”  Hmmm….how many of you out there know of anyone that ever drown in a pool from stomach cramps from eating before going swimming?

The “THEY” SAY line is used in other arenas of life as well…THEY SAY:

  • the bigger they are, the harder they fall
  • Don’t Count Your Chickens before They Hatch
  • Don’t kick someone when they are down
  • the more things change, the more they stay the same


Okay, so here is my question: Who are “THEY”?  Are “THEY” experts working for the government?  Are “THEY” as select group of people with IQ’s over 160 that meet in a secretive group?

Focusing on the health and wellness arena, there are a number of “THEY” Say statements promulgated that are held as factual, when, in reality, they are not.  Here are some examples:  “THEY Say”:

  • Your dietary plan should contain plenty of fruits.  Reality: The healthy parts of fruits, i.e. vitamins and fiber can be obtained by no-calorie supplements.  Too much fruit intake can lead to weight gain
  • Red meat is “bad” for you.  For weight control, the protein found in red meat helps people reach ketogenesis (i.e. fat burning)
  • Two glasses of red wine daily are “good” for you.  As per my recent post, even small amount of alcohol daily can lead to serious health issues.

So, the point of this entry: Be wary of “THEY” say statements about health/wellness unless you know who “THEY” are.  In this era of social media and “influencers”, “THEY” are often non-validated, non-credentialed people that cannot be looked upon as purveyors of health/wellness truths.  Do your research!

(And to this day, I still do not go swimming after eating a meal…Thanks lots Mom about scarring me with thoughts about cramping in a pool after eating lunch!)

And on the beaches of Long Island in 1970, the AM radio stations would be playing this song often during the summer…enjoy Mungo Jerry.  


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