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Thinking About Your Efforts To Control Weight

How much effort and thoughts are required to gain weight?  The very simple answer is absolutely “zero”.  We are sort of “designed” to be a weight gaining specie:  What foods taste best to us, high caloric carb foods like a cupcake or a non-caloric piece of lettuce?  Is a perceived “reward” after working a long/stressful day drinking a glass of water or having a few glasses of wine?   As we age due to metabolism changes, is it easier to lose weight or does it become more difficult?  Well, the answers to these and many more similar questions highlight the fact that losing weight requires much thought and efforts.

When we stop thinking about our own weight loss efforts and focus instead on everything and everyone around us, there is a high likelihood that weight gain will occur.  If we do not take the time to plan meals, devote time to exercise, shop for the right foods, read these amazing daily blogs (stop laughing please) and spend the necessary time involved in strategizing and planning, the odds of losing weight and keeping that weight off start approaching zero.

There are a number of people that place themselves on the bottom of the list of “priorities”.   No offense to my XY chromosome brethren out there, but professional females, especially the ones that are mothers, are often guilty of taking care of everyone and everything else other than themselves.  As mentioned, when a person does not prioritize their own weight control efforts and instead, nurtures others, the success of weight control will often be disappointing.

We all must “think” daily about our weight control.  This starts with making this journey a very high priority.  Please try to not feel “guilty” about placing yourself high on the priority pole of life.  As they say on the ailrines, “put the oxygen on yourself first, then on your children”.  The point is that for you to be able to take care of the important people in the world, YOU need to be healthy.  This starts with thinking lots about how important your successful weight loss journey is and then think about what you need to do on a daily basis to achieve those results.

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